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I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist with over 35 years’ experience in the financial services industry. Together with my clients, we identify these important behaviours and beliefs around money. Using a methodology called RTT, Rapid Transformational Therapy, the old unwanted beliefs are removed and new healthy beliefs are established. We empower you to Be The Change (BTC), you want in your life.

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“Jan is one of the sweetest souls I have ever met. I immediately felt comfortable to open up to her about my money blocks & desire to manifest abundance in my life”


Anastasia; USA


I look forward to helping you transform your life!


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Our Programs




BTC Program 30

First you make your beliefs and then your beliefs make you


BTC Program 60

What is it that you desire most in your life right now


Money Mindset Program

Explore Money EQ, Money IQ and Money Blocks at your pace


Money Makeover Program

A comprehensive personalised and group program. There is a lot more to money than just money